Thursday, November 29, 2007


Homemade pesto pizza Yum, sort of homemade pizza. This pizza came into being with a lot of help from Trader Joe's. I used their pizza crust--in this case, garlic and herbs--their pesto and fresh mozzarella. And surprisingly, it came out quite tasty. It also made up for not having a refrigerator for two days, which pretty much put things to a stop in the kitchen.

Twisted Rib sock Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I started this twisted rib sock using some Koigu from my stash. I really like this yarn, especially the color. Yet, I couldn't bring myself to knit with it because I'd used some of it to knit my former boyfriend a pair of socks. He wore them a few times and then they were lost to the infinite laundry pile he kept. I knit that man several pair of socks, which he said he really wanted, and which he proceeded to lose. So this yarn has some bittersweet memories associated with it. I don't even remember why I bought four skeins of this colorway.

The ribbing is from the pattern dictionary in the Vogue Knitting book. I was at my parents' when I started it and asked my mum for a stitch dictionary. And was told she doesn't have one. Mum has been knitting for over 50 years. How could it be possible that she doesn't have a stitch dictionary? Two days after I asked about this, she unearthed Mary Thomas's stitch dictionary. She had completely forgotten she had a copy. I don't understand how you can keep track of every issue of Vogue Knitting (going back to the sixties) and IK in your collection and not know that you own a stitch dictionary!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dying fridge

Last night I returned from the Thanksgiving weekend to find that my fridge started dying sometime during the past four days. The freezer wasn't freezing and the fridge wasn't chilling. And the motor kept coming on about every three minutes, whining for about a minute and then going silent. I checked the fusebox to made sure the fuse hadn't tripped; I fiddled with the temperature settings; I discovered melted juice bars from earlier this summer that had completely melted. I also discovered that I can't move my fridge by myself to check the plug. Before the night was through, I'd turned the freezer off, which in turn stopped the motor from whining every three minutes. This morning the stuff in the fridge wasn't even a little chilled. Now, I'm waiting for the repair man to show up to tell whether or not I need to replace the thing. I bought this fridge six years ago and will be very disappointed if it can't be repaired.

I did get some knitting done over the weekend, which I did not photograph. I made the Purl Beret out of some Claudia Hand Painted and donated it to Caps for Kids in my hometown. This was a fun, quick knit and I will most likely make it again.

Added later: The repair man made my day--I don't have to replace the fridge. It needs a new compressor and something else. The parts and the repair man will be here tomorrow. I'm so relieved!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Not felting

For the last month or so, I feel as if I've done nothing other than make felt scarves. Which is not exactly true.

Thelonious sock in progress Thelonious socks I finished my Thelonious socks. I think I would have finished them faster if I hadn't screwed up my stitch count a few times--mostly from losing yarn overs and other equally mind distracting things.

Red Rover singles I finished spinning these singles from a Lorna's Laces roving I bought a few months ago. I also finished plying them but have yet to take a picture.

Spring handpainted roving And I started spinning this up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Yet more felting

I've finished thirteen felted scarves. I think this a good number to have at my employer's holiday crafts fair. I've had fun making these, but I miss spinning and knitting.

2 numo felt scarves Both of these are numo felt.

2 felted merino scarves These are merino felt. The one on the left has merino indigo dyed by Maia. The one on the right is made with some merino/tencel I dyed earlier this year.

Reverse side of indigo numo felt scarf Indigo numo felted scarf Indigo numo felt scarf detail This is a numo felt scarf made with silk I low-water immersion dyed and some more of Maia's indigo dyed merino. I wanted to see how the silk would like if I didn't felt all the way to the edge.

3 felt scaves Felt scarf Numo scarf detail Felt scraf detail Left to right: merino from Ashland Bay Trading Co., numo felt, merino felt (it's black on the reverse side).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Just felting

I'm getting ready for a craft fair at work and have been consumed with making felt scarves. See...

Numo Felt

Numo Felt

Woven felt

Merino felt with silk yarn

Merino felt with silk yarn 2nd side

Yesterday I took a break from felting and went to spinning potluck. Which was a good thing to do.