Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to the notebook

Back to the notebook
My last idea failed miserably once I got to the instep. I still like the basic idea; just needed to figure out a different way of execute it. I think this time I've got it right. I am finding that the more time I spend designing, the more I learn. In the beginning, I wanted every idea to work out perfectly the first time. Of course, the design process doesn't work that way. I have a few failures tucked away in my sock drawer as a result.

Now I am much more comfortable with ripping out and starting over again. I just don't quit because it didn't work out perfectly the first time. I've learned to fail and be alright with it.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A taste of something to come

New design in progress The last six weeks or so I've been occupied with something that's not ready to show you yet as well as catching up on all of the knitting that got neglected when I started getting ready for Sock Summit. So I have been knitting and spinning; it just hasn't been blog worthy. During this time, my creative juices got a chance to recharge and I recently started working on a pattern idea I've had for a few months. The yarn is A Verb for Keeping Warm Annapurna, a yummy cashmere and merino blend. The color reminds me of raspberry sorbet.