Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vicious cycle

I thought that being unemployed would leave me with plenty of time to write, knit, cycle, bake, and play with the dog.  I also thought I'd finally paint my bedroom.  I haven't done much of any of these things really.  Especially the writing and painting the bedroom parts.

I've been knitting and making up new sock patterns, which I duly work out on graph paper in my notebook.  I make up patterns faster than I can knit them.  Which frankly makes me sad because I think I will never knit all the socks I've designed and then I lay awake at night telling myself that I need to go to sleep now but I can't because I've got to figure out out to make a design work.  So at 2:00 AM the light goes on and I drag my graph paper out and fuss until the design looks like it will work.  All of this over thinking sock design interferes with my sleep which interferes with my ability to do much of anything else.  But I was also unemployed.  So I had plenty of time to do all those other things.  Right?

Well, not really.  Because you see I've landed a sweet, little short-term job in Napa.  Now I spend time driving to and from Napa and when I get home, wait for it, I'm tired.  For real tired.  I guess at the end of the day, I'd rather have a job and a bit of time to do the other things I love like knitting, cycling, and playing with the dog.  Funny thing is that just as much knitting, cycling, and playing with the dog gets done as when I didn't have the wee job.

Oh, and the bedroom really doesn't stand a chance of being painted any time soon.

PS  All patterns in my Ravelry shop are 50% off during the Tour de France!