Saturday, April 19, 2008


I've been busy experimenting with natural dyes. Last weekend I dyed up the last of my white BFL with cochineal and marigold. Here's what it looked like before I overdyed it.
Cochineal marigold handpainted BLF

I'd been inspired by some lavender growing in my neighborhood. So I overdyed it with logwood grey and got this.
Cochineal, marigold dyed BLF I like the soft colors a lot.

I also experimented with an improvised wool hackle made from a hair pick and a table vise.
Improvised wool hackle
It works and is a lot less expense than buying a hackle. I'm going to keep playing with this set up until I decide whether or not I really like blending on a hackle enough to sink some money into a better set up, which will probably be homemade as well. Here's the first roving I pull off of the hackle.
Roving pulled from improvised hackle

Ada blocking Right now Ada is blocking. I used my Knitter's Blocks and steam blocked the top. I'll have to block the garter portion separately. I'm half through knitting the first sleeve and so far, so good.

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