Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dye workshop with Scout

This past weekend I attended a dye workshop with Scout at Knit One One. It was a lot of fun.

Studio at Knit One One The space at Knit One One is great. Light and airy; perfect for seeing what you are doing.

Tying off warped yarn Winding yarn onto a warping board to make self-striping yarn.

This will be self-stripping yarn This is what a skein off the warping board looks like when it is dyed.

Colorful skeins Dyed skeins hung out to dry.

Dye Workshop with Scout The skein I dyed after winding on the warping board.

Dye Workshop with Scout The blue face leceister roving I handpainted.

Scout is a wonderful teacher and freely shared her experiences so that we could learn from the mistakes she has made. The one thing that no teacher can teach is color sense and Scout has great color sense. It's just one of those things that you have. It really helps if you are willing to experiment with color and accept that there will be mistakes.

So thank you Scout for a wonderful weekend!


Nell said...

Your yarn is so pretty reskeined. And the roving looks great. Can't wait to see it spun up!

It was so nice to meet everyone!!! I had such a good time!

WonderMike said...

Your yarn is GLORIOUS!!! I had fun being a boy scout to all you new fiber artists. :-)