Sunday, April 08, 2012

Cobblestones Neck Warmer

It's spring and in Northern California, it is still nippy.  I'm ready to put away my bulky scarves but still want to keep the chill off my neck.  So I decided to use some very special yarn to make a neck warmer.  In my view, this is not a cowl.  It is fairly close fitting without being at all tight. It scrunches so I can adjust the length.  In a pinch, I can pull it up and use as a hat if my head is cold. 

Krista of Pigeonroof Studios gave me this gorgeous skein of Siren Two Sport in a unique colorway.  It deserved to be made into some special that wasn't  hidden on my feet.  I used a simple lace pattern.  Then I cast on and knit until it was long enough.  I call it cobblestones because the knit fabric reminds me of cobblestone roads that are laid out in random patterns.  I used less than 250 yards of sport weight yarn. You can download a free copy of the pattern from my Ravelry shop.

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