Saturday, August 11, 2007

Even more catching up

Here are the photos of recent projects.

This is merino/tencel solar dyed with Jacquard violet and black dyes. The black broke and looks more copper in real life. The colors are much softer than if I had set the dye on the stove.

This is the Three Bags Full fiber. It's two ply and I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet. It is 4.4 oz. and just shy of 600 yards. Because it is textured I don't think it will make good socks.

This is Henry's Attic Kona dyed with cutch. I love how soft the brown is. It reminds me of carmel or a dark honey.
The finished Broadripple socks on a chair and modeled by my daughter.

We are off to NYC on Monday. Definitely going to hit School Products. If there is time, will visit a few other yarn stores.


Julia said...

Wow, I love what that solar-dyed merino tencel looks like! If only we could force the black to break! And you got fantastic results with cutch- I haven't gotten really good color out of it yet, but I think I'm not cooking it long enough. Great socks, too!

Marlowe said...


Solar dyeing was easy and the equipment is relatively inexpensive. I spent around $25 for the black tub, plexiglass and c-claps; all purchased at Ace Hardware on my way home from Lambtown. I set everything up on
my balcony (which faces north, north-west so I get good afternoon sun) and left it out for about 24
hours. It was partly overcast the weekend I did this. So full on sun isn't necessary. The violet (Jacquard Acid Dye) didn't
exhaust completely, but I understand that violet usually doesn't. I would imagine that you would have even more days for solar dyeing than I do.

I didn't do anything special with the cutch. Used about 1 TSP for four oz. of alum-mordanted yarn.
Simmered for about an hour and left it in the pot for 24 hours after taking it off heat.

The socks are Cascade Fixation so they should fit my ever growing daughter for awhile.