Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A sad thing, a bad thing & a good thing

The sad thing. Deep Color is closing in September. Our spinning group will meet for the last time this Thursday. I've been so honored to be a part of this group of talented women. I've learned so much from Claudia and been inspired by others in the group. I've become a better spinner, learned to use natural dye stuffs and gotten brave in experimenting with acid dyes.

The bad thing. Last month I attended a conference in New Orleans and I was mugged on the last night I was there. It was scary. The man that grabbed my bag pulled me down in the process. I skinned my shoulder, hand and knee. I bruised the palm of my right hand and my right knee cap. The next morning when I started to absorb what had happened I was worried that I might not be able to spin because my knee was about twice it's normal size. I was more worried about that than anything else. The NOPD was quite understanding and tried to be helpful. They managed to recover my cashmere wrap, which had been wrapped around my bag strap. A street vendor in Jackson Square found some of my stuff including my house keys, office key cards and my business card case. He was kind enough to send these back to me--fortunately my key card has the name of my employer and address on it. He apparently contact my office and got the mailing address. However, he didn't include any way for me to get in touch with him to thank him and offer a reward.

The good thing. I was invited by Brooke to a spinning potluck at Maia's this past Sunday. It was so nice to get together with a lot of other women who share your passion. I met Rachel, Lala, Janine and many others. The was plenty of yummy food, good conversation, spinning and knitting. I started spinning up the wine colored merino top I bought from Julia for a sweater. I'm shooting for a dk weight 2-ply. It is a lush fiber and I'm really enjoying spinning it.

Some other good things. While in New Orleans, I finished the Broadripple Socks for my daughter--they remind me of Mardi Gras colors.

On Saturday, I solar dyed 4 oz. of merino/tencel with violet and blacks, trying to capture the colors I see in my neighbor's sweet peas. The black broke and gave a nice gray and copper. Despite not getting the colors I envisioned I'm really pleased with the results. Most likely I will spin this up for socks. (I rigged up my solar dye oven with a black utility tub, plexi-glass and c-clamps. I borrowed this idea from Spinning Spider Jenny.) I also plyed up the singles I spun from the Three Bags Full fiber. I got approximately 590 yards 2-ply out of 4.4 oz. of fiber. I'll post pictures later as it has been gray and gloomy in these parts the past few days.

Last night, I dyed some Henry's Attic Kona with cutch. I really love the color--a warm brown. Once it's dry, I'll take a picture. This yarn is for my mum to knit socks for my dad.

I'm still working on the socks I started in New Orleans. They are plain vanilla stocking stitch with a shaped arch made with Plymouth Sockotta that I bought two years ago at Lofty Lou's in Placerville. I'm not crazy about this yarn. It a bit to splitty for me. I want my plain vanilla socks to be mindless knitting, which means only glancing down at it every once in awhile. I have to look more often because of the splittiness. Fortunately, I like the colors--a few blues, a light green and light brown. These will be good socks for clogs.

I should have plenty of time to finish the second sock this weekend because my daughter is modeling in Teen Vogue's fashion shows in San Francisco, Sacramento and Concord. There is a lot of waiting time before a show starts and I must entertain myself.

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