Monday, January 07, 2013

Been gone too long

I wish I had a better reason for not posting for such a long time. I don't. My consulting job in Napa ended in October. I thought I'd get in a lot of bike rides. I didn't. I worked as a substitute librarian at a few law firms in November and December. It was fun.

I spent time baking cookies in December as well. I just started with one recipe one morning and in two days I had baked five different kinds of cookies. It was relaxing and the kitchen--the whole apartment actually--smelled homey. It was comforting.

I put out a new sock pattern in late November. It's called Calaveras after one of my favorite bike rides. Calaveras Road winds up to the Calveras Dam, which is a reservoir serving San Francisco. Even though the road is between Livermore and Milpitas, you know you are in the country. The shades of green from the oak trees and wild grass as well as the many different kinds of birds I see when out there confirm it is country. In the spring, there are a few more people up near the head of the dam because there are at least one pair of nesting eagles.  Anyway, back to the sock.  I used Pigeonroof Studios Siren 2 sock in a beautiful green.  The color of the yarn and the lace pattern combine to reflect what I like best about this ride:  the greenery and the winding road.

Speaking of Pigeonroof, Krista is working with new base yarns and Siren 2 will probably be discounted.  I am confident that any fingering weight base she uses will work with patterns I have designed using her yarn.  And, if you haven't visited her new online shop, go there now.  It's really lovely.

I have another sock pattern in the works called Zigzag Road.  The name is also cycling related.  Part of the 2012 Olympic cycling road race was on Zigzag Road.  I was working on the pattern during the Olympics and the name seemed appropriate.  I hope to finish writing the pattern by the end of the month.

One last thing.  I hope that 2013 brings you much joy and happiness!

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