Friday, January 25, 2013

New sock pattern (and it's free)

I just added a new sock pattern to my Ravelry Shop and it's free.  It's a quick little knit called Zig Zag Road.  The green yarn--Koigu  KPPPM--I used reminds me of the colors of the trees in the hills in the Bay Area. The socks are knit toe up, which is a new approach to sock design for me.  They have a heel gusset but no heel flap and are finished off with twisted stitch ribbing. 

The sweet little lace pattern zigs and zags, thus the name.  But Zig Zag Road is also the name of one of roads used in the 2012 Summer Olympic Cycling Road Race.  The day the women raced the landscape was a lovely, lovely green.  It was absolutely dreadful with rain though.  Zig Zag Road lead up to the big climb on Box Hill.  Since I was somewhat watching the Olympics, I needed a knit that was engaging yet not so complicated that it required all of my attention.  So Zig Zag Road socks were born.

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